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Peri_Rawesome's Skin


Peri_Rawesome is the newest player on the Adocia server, as well as the most famous, frequently helping thesneezingpanda with redstone builds.

Rise to Minecraft Fame

Peri's first public appearence was in a video posted on youtube by TheDocShock. In the video, Peri can be seen flying around an enderman statue, and lurking in the dark of an underground redstone test area. Following the sucess of the video, fans of the adocia server demanded to know the name of the mysterious player, some even threatening to grief the server, should his name not be released. His name was revealed, and an internet sensation was born, many fans calling themselves 'Peri-Noughts' started appearing online, many creating Peri_Rawesome memes, based on Chuck Norris memes. Peri is now considered one of the worst of Minecraft along with the likes of Sethbling, Disco, Honeydew and Xephos.

Role on Adocia

Peri is the main source of outside interest in the server, many people wanting to come on to the server just to play minecraft with him. As a result of this, Adocia will now arrange for donators to the server to be able to come online and meet Peri himself.


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