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Jekyll is an upcoming huge city for the Adocia world. Lead by TheSneezingPanda the project is set to be Adocia's biggest city, with many districts each with their own unique theme.


Jekyll map

Planned Map of Jekyll City

Port Danvers

Port Danvers will host huge amounts of shipping traffic. The harbour contains a mix of the traditional buildings and lighthouse built by when the city was first formed, to the new modern facilities to accomodate modern way ships.

Lanyon Groves

This district hosts some of the most desirable expensive properties in Adocia. Housing ranges from beautiful coloured waterside buildings to the massive mansions behind. Many houses offer staggering views of either the Psueltan Ocean, the picturesque Utterson Park or across the river to the reknowed Historic Old Mable Town. Lanyon Groves is THE place to live in Adocia.

Old Mable Town

The home to the first settlement in Jekyll, built in the middle ages before the great war drove the population away, this historic area contains many beautiful builds, including catherdrals, churches, traditional housing and farms, the great market, and Mable Castle. Hidden amongst these surviing sights are some that didn't live through the war, and remain a testament to the Jekyll ancestors.

Old Mable Town doesn't just offer everything is has on the surface. Rumour has it there is a huge maze of catacombs and tombs below the surface, accessible from the many churches.

New Mable Town

The modern centre of Adocia, the sleepless city, New Mable Town is the soul of Adocia. Easily bigger than most cities, this district homes staggering skyscrapers, complexs, and modern facilties. Travelling around the city is easy with JekyllMetro, and massive undergound train network that allows to navigate the city easily, and of course world-famous Mable Grand Station will grant access to the rest of Adocia world, with lines going to most major destinations.

Other notibable builds include the Jekyll Museum of Art & Science, Panda Technology HQ, Jekyll City Hall, Jekyll Courthouses, The Plus (Theatre District), Mable Stadium and much much more.

This illuminous modernistic city is certainly breathtaking, and it's commodities don't dissapoint either.


An offshoot of the sunken lands for New Mable Town, this landscape was too staggering to be developed upon. Featuring the natural beauty of the woods and lake, this is set in stone as a wonder of the world.

However the beauty here doesn't just come from the natural scenes, some of the most famous movies in the world are developed in the Tristum Movie Studios, located a short walk from Tristum Lake. It's one of the biggest movie studios in Adocia, it's not hard to see the appeal, not to mention the famous movie stars who have walked the streets.

Morning Dew Fair

A traditional fairground loved by all ages, it's been here longer than some parts of the city! It has everything you'd expect from a fairground, ferris wheels, dodgems, and an extensive supply of candy floss! A favoured place for kids all around, and tucked neatly in the lowlands behind Vanity Cliffside to escape the hustle off the city.

Vanity Cliffside

Upon seeing this great cliffside, bizarrely the first thought of Jekyll ancestors was to build into it! What seemed madness at first, turned into a great sight, and whilst many of the original buildings and for sights only, some of the more modern houses can be purchased to live in! Everywhere on Vanity Cliffside offers amazing views of the rest of Jekyll, and the massive Lord Vanity Forest as your backgarden is certaintly a desirable asset!

Jekyll Airport

Jester Blues Housing



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